I have thought a great deal about pricing and I want to encourage more and more horses to be successful barefoot and also reward customer loyalty as well. Therefore, I have a pricing structure which I think is very reasonable and encourages this. In the long run, it is far cheaper taking your horse along this path because you not only get a healthier, happier and sounder horse but also fewer Vets bills and barefoot is a far cheaper option than shoeing.


I will more than likely need to visit a horse more during the first 6 to 12 months, depending on the issues and needs of your horse. My visits will become less frequent as the process continues and after a horse has grown in a connected hoof wall your horse will require what is known in the trade as a maintenance trim. My previous pricing was a little complicated and did not work in practice. Here is my next effort!


These rates include on-going consultancy in all aspects of keeping and maintaining a healthy barefooted horse. I will give step by step advice backed up with handouts on managing issues like thrush, and abscesses.




Trim £35: I will reduce this charge by £5 for a second and any further horses for an owner. 


Yards with multiple horses and owners will be charged at £30 per horse.

There will be a further 5 reduction for small Ponies such as shetlands.


What you get for your money.


I will look at each horse as an individual in its own environment and from a holistic perspective. Meaning I will be looking at wear patterns, structures, and pathologies of the hoof. I will look for causes of any hoof problems and improve its hoof structures. A horse's hooves are a window into its health and to address most hoof issues you need to address a horse as a whole, I will advise on nutrition, health, transition, conditioning, grass management, and fitness. I will look to improve a horse’s well-being and endeavour to help you to produce a healthy happy lame free horse for your enjoyment in your chosen activities.


Please be aware that initial visits can take around 1 to 1/2 hours and it does depend on a horse's cooperation. When we have everything under control a trim will be around 45 minutes and that will depend on whether you offer me coffee.


Here is the area I cover, it's only a guide. Please note I do not cover the west of the M6 or South and Stafford area anymore.


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