Btw I bloody love your responses/messages! They are honestly the most informative and interesting things I've ever received. It really shows you care from your heart and not your pocket. And that's why you will have me as a customer for life plus anyone who I can recommend you to. 


Thank you so much for today! I can't tell you how pleased I am! I was beginning to think he was just too damaged from his previous experiences and there would be no coming back, but to see him with you has removed any doubt from my mind! I'm not exaggerating when I say that it was like watching a different horse. I'm so chuffed! I had a little cry driving home! Thank you so much, look forward to seeing you on the 9th !


Chris has been trimming both my mare's feet for a short time, but the difference in their feet has been amazing. My retired 25-year-old TB has quite challenging feet, in spite of being barefoot for 8 years. With Chris' help, her feet are far healthier and showing better quality all the time. She is quite a moody mare who hates fuss, yet she is very compliant when Chris comes! He works patiently with her and she is calm and relaxed throughout. My other mare's feet are also a credit to Chris' trimming. Again, with his help, her feet are showing true barefoot quality. Chris works in 'horses time and takes care over the feet. He is also a mine of information on all aspects of health and nutrition for the horse. Together with his daughter Holly a Veterinary Physio, they have helped me bring my mare back into full work after years of lameness issues. Thank-you Chris!



Thank you from the bottom of my heart you treat my ponies with so much care it means so much. Only trouble now is if I ever get to oxford who will care as much as you. X thank you. 


Chris is extremely helpful and gives invaluable advice, and best of aĺl he always wants the best for the horses. So glad we have him looking after our ponies feet which have greatly improved since he started looking after them.


Thank you for looking after Emma's feet - without you I couldn't do what we both love to do. There's times when I want to give up and just hide from the world but you enable me to carry on.


Brave little man! I've been thinking about him all day and just smiling - he's never had his hinds even touched since he has been with me, as he has always panicked coz of his past. A massive milestone in that little man's life today!

And then he was all dopey afterwards while we were chatting and I was playing with his forelock - nawww! He's a little superstar!